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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Moments of Wonder

Supplies Used

“Pamela”, by Mrs. HomerLynn (Unavailable)
“Vujahday Flourish” by Rob Leuschke (here
Samplers by Kim Broedelet:
Sew Lovely” 
Mask: Big Mask 18 by Vix (here)
Eye Candy Bevel, Brushed Metal
Lokas 3D Shadow

Let’s begin!

Open paper 1 of “Wonder of U”, re-size by 20% and apply your mask.

Add a layer above your mask, flood fill white and move below your mask. Rename background layer.

Erase the extra mask at the bottom of your canvas, then Effects > Object Align > center both. Rename “mask layer”. Duplicate and merge together.

Open frame from “Moments in Time”. Re-size by 27% and add to your canvas. Rename frame layer. Move your mask layer if need be (I did).

Open paper 2 from “Sew Lovely” and re-size by 20%. Add behind frame layer and use your eraser to remove the excess. Rename frame paper.

Open bracket from “Wonder of U” and re-size by 30%. Add to the left side of your frame and drop shadow. Rename layer bracket layer.

Open ticket from “Moments in Time” and re-size by 30%. Add above your bracket layer and play around with your rotation and move into place. Rename ticket layer.

(I used these settings and then played with the placement after all elements were added.)

Open extra card from “Sew Lovely” and re-size by 15%. Add below the ticket layer and play around with both of them until you get your desired look. Rename card layer.

Open the spool from “Sew Lovely” and re-size by 35%. Add above the ticket layer and rotate with the settings below. Rename spool layer.

Open flower from “Wonder of U” and re-size by 23%. Add above all layers and move to the bottom left hand side. Rename purple flower.

Open string from “Wonder of U” and re-size by 18%. Add above your bracket layer and play around in rotation until you achieve your desired looked. Use PDN drop shadow to get that tight look to your string. Rename string layer.

Open flower from “Moments in Time”, and re-size by 20%. Move near the purple flower. Rename black flower. Duplicate, move one toward the top right corner, and merge the layers together.

Add your tube of choice. Re-size if need be and use a wide drop shadow so it looks like she’s popping out of your frame really good.

Crop and re-size if needed. Add your name and copyright. Enjoy!

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