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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Starlight Night

Supplies Used

Tube of choice is from Daniela R, called “Nighty”, which you can find here.

Font of Choice: I used Xiomara by Lauren Thompson Which you can get it here--and Bell MT for my license tag.

Scrap Kits: (PTU) “StarLite Night” by Alika’s Scraps, which you can get here. I got this when it was at OScrap Candy Shop.

Mask: Mask 117 by Wee Scots Lass, which you can find here. Scan down the right hand side until you find the right link for your download.

Plugins used

Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow

Eye Candy Impact Glass

Vanderlee Snowflakes

Lokas 3D Shadow

FYI: I save after each layer is added AND I rename my layers as I go. In this way, I never lose a section due to loss of electric/computer memory and I know where I am if I do.

Let’s begin!

Create a new canvas 900x900.

Open as19 and upsize by 125% and then re-size by 90%.

Open your tube and then re-size by 40%. Add above your frame layer and move to the right.

Open as_paper01 and grab your magic wand. Click inside each frame opening while holding shift so that you get each one. Add your paper and Selections > Modify > Expand by 3 > add paper > invert > delete > Select none.

Open as25 and add between your Tube layer and your frame layer. Move into position.

Open as_paper04 and re-size by 90% and add below your frame paper.

Open as23 and re-size by 35%. Add somewhere on the leg of your tube.

Open as26 and add above your frame layer. Re-size by 75%.

Open as06, mirror and re-size by 75%. Add above the frame ppr and move into the upper left hand window.

Open as27 and mirror. Add above your jar layer.

Open as02, re-size by 55% and add above your moon.

Use your magic wand and, while holding shift, click inside of each window pane. Add four new layers.

One the first (upper) layer, add the following settings with your Eye Candy Impact Glass:

Lower opacity to 75.

One each of the lower, add the following VanDerLee settings:

Crop, add your name and copyright.

Let’s Animate!

Always highlight the TOP layer before adding to AS3. In this way, your copy merged will include all of your layers.

Hide snowflake layers 2 & 3, copy merged and then add to AS3.

Hide snowflake layers 1 & 3, copy merged and then add this after your last frame in AS3.

Hide snowflake layers 1 & 2 , copy merged and then add this after your last frame in AS3.

In AS3, click on the first frame of your design and hit shift >z. This will bring up your Optimization wizard. Apply your settings.

Click your first frame and Edit >Select All> Animation > Frame Properties and change to 60.

Save to Photobucket and enjoy!

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