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Monday, January 13, 2014

A Reflecting Pool

Supplies Used
Tube of choice is by Ana Rasha, which I’ve supply HERE.
Font of Choice: I used the PTU Font called “Got that bling”. You can get it here.
Background by Water Spirit Jess; it is the last one in the pack that can be found HERE.
Grass overlay by The Artist, which can be found HERE.
Grass clump by Goffaaux Denis, which can be located HERE.
Moon by That One Angel Fish, which can be found HERE.
Water and rocks from the wonderful stock of Moonglowlily, which can be located HERE and HERE.
Eye Candy Gradient Glow
DSB Flux Bright Noise
Almathera Plugin HERE. Unzip and add the whole folder to your plugins folder.
Animations Shop 3
Lets’ Begin!

Open your background and your grass. Re-size your grass by 185% and add to your background. Move up to where the grass of the background is covered and then crop your design.
Save your design now as a *psd called “A Reflecting Pool.”
Open your moon, upsize by 125% and add below your grass layer. Position into the middle and pull slightly downward. You want it to look setting and not rising, if that makes sense.
Adjust > Brightness and Contrast > Brightness/Contrast > Brightness: 88 > Contrast: 20 > OK. Now you have a bright moon!
Open the water and re-size by 45%. Add this above your grass layer, but pull downward so that the hills show behind it.
Open the rocks and re-size by 30%. Add above your pond and pull top the right. Keep both bottoms even with each other, so none of the pond shows from under the rocks.
Open your grass clump and re-size by 30%. Add this to the far right, pulling downwards slightly. Duplicate the grass, mirror, and re-size again by 80%. Move near the first, covering any water you see.
Duplicate the second (not the first) grass clump, mirror, and move near the second grass clump layer. Drop shadow each with a large, medium drop shadow (I used 9-12-45-22.00).
Do this twice to cover the bottom of the rocks.
Open your tube, re-size by 225% and add below the grass clumps layer and sit her on the rocks. Use the same drop shadow for the clumps on the tube.
Duplicate your moon and flip. Move this above your pond layer and try to center it with your other moon layer. Use your eraser to rid yourself of the excess and rename moon 1.
Change your overlay to Luminance Legacy and Adjust > Gaussian Blur > 33.00 > ok. Merge with your pond layer.
On your pond layer, Use your lasso tool on point-to-point and then go around the edges of your layer and click to seal.
Promote this selection to layer and duplicate 2x and Select None once done. Rename each 1, 2, and 3.
Before Animation
On Layer 1 (Top), use the settings below.
On Layer 2 (middle) and Layer 3 (bottom), change the scale to 60 and 70.

Re-size your design by 50%.

Lets’ Make the Border!

Now, let’s put a border of our choosing around our image before we move on to the animation aspects.

Making sure that you are on your top layer, add a layer and: Selections > Select All > Modify > Select Selections Borders > 15 > OK.

Choose a colour from your background area to create the border. Flood fill the interior of your border with your colour and Select None.

Now you have your border. Re-size your design by 80%.

Use DSB Flux Bright Noise as follows: (top) 80, (Middle) 70 and (bottom) 60.
Lets’ Animate!
In PSP, Rotate your border and reflection layers together.
(Border & Pond) Layers 1 & 1
(Border & Pond) Layers 2 & 2
(Border & Pond) Layers 3 & 3
Once all three layers are added into AS3, apply your optimization settings, save and upload to photobucket. Enjoy!

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