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Monday, January 13, 2014

Count the Ways

Supplies Used

Tube of choice: Valentine Tube by Barbara Jensen, which you can find here. Please do not use without a valid license.
Fonts of Choice:

(Banner) “Pea Ellie Bellie”, which you can find here.
(Name) “Impregnable” by Mans Greback, which you can get it here.
(License tag) I also used Bell MT for my license tag.
Scrap Kit:  (FTU) “Count the Ways” by Jennifer labre Designs, which you can get here.
Arrow, Square & Rectangle Templates by Me, which you can get here.
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow
FiltersUnlimited 2.0
Xero radiance

Lets’ create the wordart!

Open the word art2 banner. Grab your colour picker and click once on the background. Use your paint brush to remove the text.

Use this colour (#952527) to type out your text in size 80 then convert to raster.

Re-size your text by 99% and sharpen once. Drop shadow with 3-5-25-4.00.

Merge your layers together and lower. We’ll get back to this later.

Let's Begin!

Create a new canvas 900x900.

Open your template and exchange that out with paper 7, after its’ been re-sized by 25%. Delete your original layer, copy the new arrow, and add it to your canvas.

Move the arrow up to the top evenly and a little to the left.

Pull a colour out of the arrow. Add a layer below your arrow layer, flood fill with your chosen colour and add the filters unlimited setting “Paper Textures” and then over to “Recycled Paper”.  I also added the radiance settings below.

Open metal rings and rotate to standing. Add above your background and to your right.

Open paper 6 and, using your crop tool, crop out a square. Add this below your arrow layer. If you need to move or position it correctly, use your deform tool to do so.

Open the hearts scatter and re-size by 40%. Add above your arrow layer.

Open paper 1 and re-size by 30%. Open your rectangle template and replace the template layer. Add it above all layers on your canvas. Undo all of the above, but use paper 6 in the same fashion. See tag for placement.

Open leaf 1, rotate clockwise and then re-size by 40%. Add to your canvas at the top (for now) and free rotate by 35 to the right. Drop shadow now and then move below your hearts layer. Duplicate, flip, move into position and merge the two layers together.

Open ribbon 1, rotate clockwise, and then re-size by 40%. Add to your canvas above your hearts layer then free rotate by 15 to the right. Move upward until some peeks out at the top.

Open ribbon 2 and do the same process as above, but add it below the ribbon 1 layer.

Now, go back to your leaves layer. Duplicate and mirror. Move to the top of the ribbon layers and re-size by 80%. You may have to hide your rectangle layers before moving into position.

(I then renamed my layers to reflect the changes. I also erased the ribbon layers that showed over the second leaf layer.)

Open flower 1. Add above your leaves layer and re-size by 30%. Move it to where it’s just peeking and mirror to drop shadow. Mirror back once completed.

Open brad 4 and add above your second leaf layer. Hide your two rectangle layers for the next step. Re-size the brad by 80% and move into position. I checked it by each rectangle layer, moving if I needed it outwards more.

Open your tube, re-size by 124% and add above your rectangle layer and drop shadow now. (Do not worry if the tube doesn’t fit all the way. It will be resolved soon.)

Highlight your rectangle layer and: Selections > Float > Defloat > invert > click on tube layer > Delete > select none.

Open the heart and re-size by 35%. Add it above your tube layer and free rotate by 15 to the right.

Open paper 3 and re-size by 15%. Grab your magic wand and click inside your heart. Selections > Modify > by 15 > add paper > invert > delete > select none. Move below your heart.

Open flower2 (brown flower) and re-size by 35%. Add it above your heart layer and position.

Now, go back to your wordart banner and open. Re-size by 40% and add below your brown flower layer. Move into position.

If you need to, using my tag as a guide, move all of your elements on the left side into place. I also cropped my image now, making sure not to cut off any of the ribbon drop shadow at the bottom.

Add a layer above all layers and Selections > Modify > Select Selections Border > inside > border with 9 > ok.

Using the colour #313d55, flood fill the border and select none. Add another layer under this layer and do the same, but use the border 12 and flood fill white. Merge the two layers together.

Add your name (#5f90a9) and copyright now. Save once completed and add to Photobucket to enjoy!

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