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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Blue Velvet

Supplies Used

Tube of choice: I’m using the close-up of Jose Cano’s “Kat”, which you can find here. Please do not use without a valid license.
Font of Choice:  “Inspiration” by Rob Leuschke, which you can get it here. I also used Bell MT for my license tag.
Scrap Kits: (FTU) “Blue Velvet” by Petoos, which you can get here.
Mask: Vix’s Oct 11 Freebie Mask by Vix, which you can get here. Scan down to the bottom to get the goodies!

Animation Shop 3
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow
Lokas 3D Shadow

Let's Begin!

Open a new canvas 900x900. Open Blue velvet_paper009, re-size by 25% and apply your mask. Duplicate mask and merge together.

Open Blue velvet_el018. Re-size by 25% and add above your mask layer. Re-size again by 50% and move to the bottom center.

Open Blue velvet_el027, re-size by 25% and add above your frame layer. Now, re-size again by 45% and use your deform tool to rotate it to your liking.

Open Blue velvet_el028b, re-size by 35% and add above your keyboard layer. Re-size again by 35% and use your deform tool to slightly turn your element.

Open Blue velvet_el025, re-size by 45%, add below your keyboard layer and then re-size again by 45%. Position and drop shadow.

Open Blue velvet_el004 and re-size by 15%. Add above your leaf layer and drop shadow.

Open Blue velvet_el005c and re-size by 10%. Add above your keyboard layer. Move to the left hand side of your violin.

Open Blue velvet_el009, re-size by 20% and add under the white rose layer, to the right of the violin.

Open Blue velvet_el010, re-size by 25%, add below your blue lily layer and free rotate 15 degrees to the left.

Crop as close as your can to your mask so that you can rid yourself of all the white background that is not needed.

Open your tube and crop out the top half of the tube. Add this to your canvas, above your paper layer, and drop shadow.

Add your name and copyright now. Save once completed and add to Photobucket to enjoy!

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