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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Colours

Supplies Used
Sheila Craig’s "Bunny", here.
“Chicken Basket” font, here.
"Easter Colours," by Jenny Designz, here.
Mask 1: Circle Mask by Monti, Here.
Mask 2: Mask 42 by Designs by Vabys, HERE.
Eye Candy Gradient Glow

Lets’ Make Some Grass!

Open your grass 3 layer. Add a layer above it, flood-fill white and then send to the bottom.

Open mushroom2 layer and upsize by 115%. Add this above your grass 3 layer and pull it down to where the green edge touches the drop shadow of the grass 3 layer.

Open your grass 1 layer and upsize by 110%. Add this below your mushroom layer and pull it to the right. It should be even with the edge of the mushroom layer.

Open your grass layer and upsize by 110%. Add this above and to the left of the grass 1 layer. Make this even with the bottom and the left side of the mushroom layer, for an even flowing look.

Return to your grass 3 layer and, using a square eraser, remove all of the drop shadows from the left-hand side clear through to the right hand, right underneath the pink grass 1 layer.

Crop the image slightly then Image > Canvas size > 800x600 > ok. Flood fill the bottom again (so you can see) and duplicate the grass 3 layer then flip. Drop in the manner: 12-9-15-9.00. Merge these two layers together now. Drop the mushrooms in the same manner.

Flip both grass layer and drop by 2-4-15-9.00 then flip back into place.

Delete white background and merge visible. Hold for later prompt.

Lets’ Begin!

Open paper 1 and apply your mask 1. Merge group together. Add a layer, flood fill white and send to the bottom.

Image > Canvas Size > 900x900 > OK. Refill white background again and save as a *psd in “Easter Colours.” We now have our working canvas.

Return to your mask layer 1; duplicate and merge together, then resize by 90%.

Open paper 7 and apply your mask 2. Now merged the layers and add above your mask layer 1; Upsize your mask by 110% and centre to your liking.

Duplicate the layer and flip, mirror the first layer. Drop with these PSP settings 7-4-10-19.00 then mirror, flip the layer back. On the original layer, just drop. Now merge the two layers together.

Open the circle frame of your choice, upsize by 115% and add above your mask 2 layer.

Open paper 8. Grab your magic wand and, while holding shift, click inside each frame. Selections > Modify > Expand by 9 > Add paper and position to your liking > hit delete > Select none. Move below your frame layer.

(This is the time to re-position any mask layer into an even position that you like.)

Open our grass creation from earlier. Add this above your frame layer and position to your liking. Now close out of the grass design we created without saving any changes (or it will edit your grass3 layer in your kit.)

Open the basket and re-size by 50%. Add this above your grass layer, moving the edge as close as you can to the edge of the right-hand side of the grass.  Flip image and drop 12-9-15-9.00.

Open cat (with bottles) and re-size by 70%. Add above your basket layer and pull slightly to the right so you don’t cover the entire basket. Drop as instructed above.

Open dog and add below the basket layer. Duplicate and move above the basket. Drop as instructed above, and then use a square eraser to remove the dog from the rim of the basket down.

(Make sure your take it from the outside rim and not the back rim, or your dog will still look behind the basket. I named these layers dog 1 and dog 2.)

Open your tube, mirror and then re-size by 65%. Add this above your frame layer. Drop in this manner: 12-9-25-19.00.

Open butterfly 3, mirror, re-size by 60% and add above your grass layer. Duplicate and drop the bottom layer as such: 9-12-15-13.00. Mirror the top duplicate, drop again, and mirror back into position. Merge the two layers together.

Crop your design to make it around 740. Making it perfect is not necessary but creating a smaller canvas is.

Add your name and copyright, then re-size if needed.

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