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Friday, April 4, 2014

My Colourful Life

                                      ♥ Supplies Used
"Glamour", by Anna Liwanag (HERE
Please do not use without a valid license.
Shalimar Swash (here)
"Colourful," by Beautifully Blessed Designs (HERE)
Circle Mask by Monti, (HERE)
template 8 by Scrap It Studio (HERE)
Scan down until you find the set
Animation Shop 3
Eye Candy Gradient Glow
Xero Radiance 

Lets’ Begin!
Open your template and re-size your canvas 800x800. Re-flood fill your bottom layer. Save in *psd as “My Colourful Life.”
From template, remove: top frames and mats and both oval layers.
Merge the top and bottom half circles together. Rename circles.
Merge the top and bottom thin bars together. Rename Bars.
Open paper 1, re-size by 25%, then again by 75%, and apply your mask. Add this above your white background.
Change out each layer with the following papers (re-sized at 25%):
Circles: Paper 6
Top Star: Paper 9 (re-size layer by 110%)
Bottom Star: Paper 5 (re-size layer by 112%)
Thick Middle Bar: Paper 14 (re-sized by 17%)
Open frame BBD_CL_Frame and re-size by 28%. Add above all layers in your template. Duplicate your frame and mirror. Add a Drop shadow or 4-7-30-13.00 then mirror back. Just drop shadow your original layer and merge the two together.
For the bottom star, I flipped, dropped as above and flipped again.
The top start was dropped normally.
The circles were done in the same manner as my frame.
Open paper 8 and re-size by 25%. Grab your magic wand and, while holding shift, click inside each frame. Selections > Modify > Expand by 25 > Add paper > hit delete > Select none. Move below your frame layer.
Open your tube, re-size by 165% and add this above your frame paper and then erase any that shows outside of the frame. Use the radiance settings below on your tube.
Open BBD_CL_Hearts and re-size it by 25%. Add above your frame layer, to the left, and use your deform tool to turn it slightly. I duplicated my hearts layer in order to switch out the colours.
Open BBD_CL_Flower2 and re-size by 17%. Add this above your hearts layer and position.
Open BBD_CL_String, rotate to standing and re-size by 25%. Add this below your hearts layer and free rotate by 9 to the left.
Open BBD_CL_Flower and re-size by 30%. Add above your frame layer and drop shadow. Duplicate and move them into a top and bottom position.
Open BBD_CL_Flower2 and re-size by 27%. Add above your flowers layer and center.
Crop your design now and add your name with copyright.
Lets’ Animate!
Duplicate your hearts layer 3x, for a total of four layers. Drop shadow your bottom layer.

For layers 1, 2 and 3: use the below Constellation settings and then save.
Hide each layer as you move along, placing them one behind the other in AS3.
Apply your optimization settings and save.

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