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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stained Glass 2 (Taggers Tutorial)

Supplies Used
“Waterbrush” by Rob Leuschke, here.
Background by Ftourini, HERE.
Animations by Missy, HERE.
Flowers by Dark Yarrow, HERE.
Leaves by Erdmute, HERE.
Ivy by Black Box, HERE.
Eye Candy Gradient Glow
DSB Flux Bright Noise
Animations Shop 3

Lets’ Begin!
Open your Stained glass from earlier and re-size by 70%. Open your paper, mirror and re-size by 80%. Change out the original glass 3 layer with the background. Delete the original and duplicate of the glass above it.
Save your design now as a *psd called “Stained.”
Open your autumn leaves and re-size by 70%. Apply above the frame layer and pull up and to the left.
Open the pink daisy, re-size by 80% and add to your canvas. Duplicate, mirror and drop shadow 9-12-015-19.00. Mirror again and drop shadow the other daisy the same way. Merge these layers together.
Duplicate your flower again. Move your first flower to the upper corner. Re-size your second flower layer by 70%. Move down near the adjoining leaves toward the end of the branch.
Open the rose and re-size by 85%. Add below both flower layers and centre between them.
Open your vine, re-size by 65% and add below your autumn leaves layer.
Lets’ Animate!
While still in PSP, duplicate your Glass 3 and Glass 2 layers until you have 4 of each.

Use your DSB Flux Bright Noise for each of the layers as follows:
Layers 1: 50
Layers 2: 60
Layers 3: 70
Add a layer above all layers. Selection > Modify > Select Selection Borders > 7 > flood-fill with your chosen colour > OK.
Duplicate for 3 layers and add bright noise to each layer, as you did with the glass layers.
On your original border layer, drop shadow to your liking.
Re-size and add your name (if desired) to your design.
Add in AS3 one after the other, keeping each of the first, second and third layers together.
Apply your optimisation settings, save and upload to a photo sharing site. Enjoy!

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