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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Watermelon Crush

 Supplies Used 

Raspberry Tart by Karina
This tube is no longer for sale-try to find a comparable one
Template 1 by Scrap Rebellion (HERE)
Black Adder II” (name)
Watermelon Punk by Bookworm Dezines (HERE)
Left hand side for download link
Vix’s Big Mask 15 (HERE)
second from top

♥ Lets' Begin! 

Open your tube and add above all layers then center. Name and save.

Open the close up and replace the white rectangle on the left hand side. Duplicate tube then mirror. Delete the white rectangle.

Open paper 1 and apply your mask. Add above your white background and pull to the upper left.

Duplicate your mask, mirror, flip and then merge the layers. Duplicate and mirror again but use the nubs to pull tighter to your design then merge all layers together.

Open paper 3 and replace the Layer 1.

Merge layers 4 & 5. Open paper 2 and replace.

Merge layers 2 & 3. Open paper 15 and replace.

Open paper 16 and replace layers 10 & 7.

Merge layers 8 & 9. Open paper 13 and replace.

Open the iPod and resize by 80%. Add to either side of your tube.

Open martini glass and resize by 50%. Add on the other side of your tube.

Open the cupcake and resize by 45%. Add above the martini glass.

Open the skull and resize by 35%. Add above your disco ball.

Add PDN glow to your close up layer.

Drop Shadow layers, resize to your liking then add your name with copyright.  Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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