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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Frozen Wonderland

 Supplies Used 

Tube by Brutal Bich (HERE)
Bell MT (my tag)
“Frozen” by Studio Flergs (HERE)
Template (Collab) 1 by Dee (HERE)
Mask 191 by Insatiable Dreams (HERE)

 Let's Begin! 

Open template; delete the credits, small stars, pixel word art, and all other word art layers. Name and save as a *psd.

Open paper 2,resize by 15%, flip vertical and replace the large blue rectangle layer.

Open paper 1, resize by 18% and replace the black circle with it.

Open paper 3, resize by 17% and replace the large frame back layer.

Open paper 4, resize by 15% and replace the dual back layer AND the frame back 1 layer.

Open the tube kit and selection out the tube of choice. Crop and then resize by 525 height. Add above all your template layers and position.

Open your flower 1, resize by 45%. Add to the left hand side of your design and position the tube over the flower, using it as a stool.

Resize again by 35% and add to the other side of the design.

Open the scatter, resize by 23% and add above all template layers.

Open flower 2, resize by 11% and add to the right side of your design, above your flower 1 layer.

Resize flower 2 again by 16% and add below the flower 1 layer on the left.

Open the fancy snowflake and resize by 15%. Add the snowflakes between the flower 1 and flower 2 layers.

Add another Fancy snowflake under flower 1 & 2 layers.

Resize the fancy snowflakes yet again by 10 % and add to your design where you'd like.

Open foliage 1, resize by 15% and add below all of your added layer and near your left hand elements. Duplicate, flip and position then merge together.

Resize the foliage again by 10% and add below your flower  2 layer on the right hand side.

Open the pin, resize by 450 width, rotate counter clockwise and add above your flower 2 layer, left hand side.

Open paper 5, resize by 25% and apply your mask. Crop and erase the excess then resize to 600 width. Add above your white background and move to the left.

Duplicate your mask layer; flip and mirror and then merge with the left hand side mask layer.

Drop Shadow layers, crop or resize to your liking then add your name with copyright. Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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