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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Passionate Kiss

 Supplies Used 

Young Love by Zindy Nielsen (HERE)
Bell MT (my tag)
“Olympic Branding” (Name)
Passionate Mini by Studio Sherwood (HERE)
Mask 34 by Moonbeams & Spiderwebs (HERE)
Eye Candy 4000: Bevel (Name)

 Let's Begin! 

Create a canvas 900x900. Name and save as a *psd.

Open the scatter and resize by 30%; add to your created canvas and center.

Open frame 1, resize by 35% and add above your scatter; center.

Open paper 6, resize by 25% and apply your mask; pull to the left side. Erase excess and then duplicate to mirror. Position with other side and merge together. Duplicate again, move upwards until positioned and merge together. Lower opacity to 165%.

Open paper 3, resize by 20% and add into frame opening.

Open your tube and add below your frame opening; resize up by 120% before doing so.

Open the word art and resize by 20%. Add above your frame layer (to the right) then duplicate and move below the frame layer. On the TOP layer, add a light, medium wide drop shadow and then erase small bits to make it look looped on the frame.

Open flower 2 and resize by 28%; add to the left-hand side of your design. This is your centrepiece. Keep undoing your resize and using smaller resizes to layer this flower.

Open the leaf and resize by 20%. Add above your frame layer and use the rotation below to position.
Undo the leaf resize and do so again by 15%. Add below your centrepiece flower. To rotate this layer, first undo your last rotation (by hitting the arrow next to each box) and then use the settings below.
For the last two leaf layers, just duplicate, mirror and flip each one to your liking and position.

Open the branch, resize by 10% and add near the top flowers. Position and rotate to your liking.

Drop Shadow layers, crop or resize to your liking then add your name with copyright. Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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