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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Take Care of the Girls

Supplies Used

“Tish” by Keith Garvey, HERE
“A&S Snapper Script” by Steve Contreras, here
“Be a Fighter” by Rissa’s Designs, here
Template “BCA 1” by Punky, HERE
“Mask 80” by Designs by Vaybs, here
Xero: Porcelain
VTR 2012 by Pentacom
Eye Candy Impact: Bevel (for name)
Eye Candy 4000: Gradient Glow (for name)

Let's Begin!

Open your template and extend your template to 800x700. Delete the credits then Save in *psd form as “Take Care of the Girls”.

Merge both small circle frames into each other. Do the same for the large inner circle frames. They will remain the same colour.

Find your large circle layer and change out with paper 3.

Using this colour (d03881), change out the rectangle layer and add the Pentacom VTR setting below.

Using this colour (f765ac), change out the small circle layer and the black dot border.

Open your half body tube and upsize by 135%. Find the small circle you changed out above and add above it.  Go to circle layer and: Selections > Select All > Float > Defloat > Hit delete on tube > Select None. Erase any inside the wording.

Mirror Tish and add to the left hand side of your template.

Open the double hearts and resize by 45%. Add above Tish and pull downward, covering her lower half. Erase any tube you see underneath of the hearts.

Open the cupcake and resize by 35%. Place near the double hearts.

Open the heart border and rotate counterclockwise. Find your rectangle and add below it. Hide your rectangle to see the border and move the hearts above your rectangle frame. Both border and frame will have equal bordering.

Upsize your border by 105%, drop shadow and erase the excess on the left and right.

Open the heart swirl and add above your mask layer. Duplicate, mirror and flip. Use your deform tool to pull to the right until it looks smooth and position Tish’s hand over the left hand side.

Add a DSB Flux Bright Noise setting of 41 Mix to your heart swirl and drop shadow.

Open the charm and resize by 80%. Add to the right, near the heart swirls to position. Send it to the bottom. Move up until you are below your heart swirls.

Duplicate your charm and send this layer to the top. Drop shadow then and erase a small part of it so that is looks to be clamped to the heart swirl.

Add the below Porcelain settings to your close up (small circle).

Crop your design now. Try to get as close as you can to the mask without cutting it off.

Drop shadow to all layers. Add your name and copyright information. Enjoy!

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