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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Check the Breasts

 Supplies Used 

“Natural” by Shawli,  HERE.

“Avalon” by Font bureau, here. 

“BCA Hope” by Made by Justine, here
“Mask 19” by CakiePotPie Designs, here
DSB Flux : Bright Noise

 Let's Begin! 

Create a canvas 800x800. We’ll crop later. I simply like space to move. Name your design and save as a *psd.

Open paper 7 and upsize to 800x800. Apply your mask and add to your canvas. Duplicate, mirror and then merge together.

Open frame 1 and resize by 80% and add to your canvas. Flip your white background and Effects > Object > Object Align > Center both.

Open your choice of paper and add above your frame 1 layer. Duplicate three times and hide all. Use your magic wand to click inside frame square one, edit > invert selection and hit delete on the paper. Move below your frame layer.

Repeat the above step for frames 2 & 3 of frame layer 2. Move all below the frame and merge your layers together.

Open frame 2 and crop out one frame. Add to your canvas, flip white background and Effects > Object > Object Align > Center both. Duplicate, mirror and move into position so you have the frame shown in my tag. Merge both layers together.

Open paper 1 and above your frame 2 layer. Use your magic wand to click inside of your frame:  edit >invert selection > hit delete on your paper. Move this layer below your frame.

Open your tube of choice and add above your frame 2 layer. Duplicate and move one below your frame layer. Erase the excess with this layer but leave the upper layer alone for now.

Open your choice of the curled ribbon and add above your frame 1 layer. Pull upward and to the right, erasing any excess on the left hand side. Duplicate, mirror, flip and merge the two layers together.

Open flower 3 and resize by 80%. Add over all layers and center in the middle of the branches.

Open the cupcake and resize by 60%. Add above all layer and pull downward and to the right.

Open candy 1 and resize by 70%. Add below your cupcake layer and move to either side of your choice.

Open the brad and add below your cupcake layer on the opposite side.

Open the Hibiscus, flip horizontal and resize by 50%. Add above tube 1 layer.

For this next step, invert your white background to black. Adjustments > Invert Colours.

Open sparkles and add above your mask layer. Pull down until the top swirl is showing above the left corner of frame 2. Erase the entire swirl that hangs below the cupcake. Duplicate, mirror and flip then merge the two layers together.

While your background is still black, crop as close as you can to the mask. Invert back to white.

Drop shadow all layers and resize to your liking.  Add your name and copyright. If you want your tag static, just upload to enjoy!

For animation, do NOT drop shadow your sparkle layer until you see below.

 Lets' Animate! 

Open AS3.

Duplicate your sparkles layer for four layers. Drop shadow your first layer.

On each of the sparkles layers: Use DSB Flux Bright Noise, starting with 35, 55 and 75.

Hide sparkle layers 2& 3. Edit >Select All > Edit > Copy Merged and add to AS3. Do this until all are added to AS3.

Apply your optimization settings, upload to a photo sharing site and enjoy!

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