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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holly Jolly Pink Christmas

 Supplies Used 
Pink Kitten by Keith Garvey (HERE)
Young & Beautiful” (name)
Christmas in Pink by Flavia (here)
Template 26 by Pooker (HERE)
Scan down to right hand side for links
Mask 9 by Chaz, which can be found HERE
Animation: Falling Snow HERE

 Let's Begin! 

Open your template. Delete the credits, wordart, tiny circle, circle 5 and mask. Rename and save.

Open your tube, resize by 90% and add above all layers. Center Align and then pull slightly upward to position.

Open paper 6, resize by 25% and apply your mask. Erase the remainder from the paper, resize again to 720x720 and apply to your canvas.

Duplicate mask and mirror. Move into a neat position and then merge. Duplicate, flip and merge to complete the mask layer.

Open element 6 and resize by 50%. Add above your rectangle 1 layer and erase the excess at the lower left hand bottom. Duplicate, mirror and merge.

Open paper 2, resize by 15% and change out your rectangle 1 layer.

Open paper 1, resize by 15% and change out rectangle 2 layer. Resize again with 20% and replace whitestrip.

Change out rectangle 3 & circle 3 layers with paper 7 after resizing by 15%.

Change out with paper 3 after resizing by 15%.

Open paper (white glittery), resize by 15% and change out circle layer 1 & 2 layers.

Open paper 5, resize by 10% and Replace circle 4 layer.

Open element 16, resize by 73% and add below your tube layer.

Rotate element 18 and resize by 25%. Add to either side of your lights layer.

Open element 28 and resize by 30%. Add above your white strip layer then use the nubs to turn slightly.

Open element 1, resize by 45% and add below your tube layer, to the left hand side.

Open element 24, resize by 35% and add to the opposite side of tube.

Drop Shadow layers and crop or resize to your liking now.

 Lets’ Animate! 

Open AS3.

Go back to your design in PDN and hide all layers above the template layers.

Edit > Select All > Edit > Copy Merged and then add to AS3. Duplicate there until you have 10 frames.

Open snow and click on first frame. Edit > Select All > Animation > Resize Animation > Pixel: 509 > ok > Edit > Select All > Edit > Copy.

Return to your design and Edit > Select All > Edit > Insert in to frame and click on design to add.

Now here comes the longer part. Select the first frame of your now snow filled design and copy. Add this to PDN as a new image.

Click each individual frame in AS3 and copy it. Go back to your new design and add as a new layer. Once all 10 frames are here, save as an animated version of your tag.

Hide all of your template layers and open all of your element layers (except your name). Edit > Select All > Edit > Copy Merged > add to your animated version.

Now you have 10 animated layers to your design PLUS the element layers of your old (static) design. You can close out your old one.

Add your name with copyright now. Make sure both are on a separate layer so that you can delete the name to replace it with another, if you need to.

Delete your efforts in AS3. You don’t need them any longer.

In PDN, hide upper snow layers and then Edit > Select All > Edit > Copy Merged. Add in AS3 as a new animation.

Go back to PDN and hide that layer and then open the next snow layer. Do the same as above and add BEHIND your last frame in AS3.

Work in this way until all 10 layers are back in AS3. Then, Edit > Select all > shift + z to add optimization settings before saving.

Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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