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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Believe and Cherish

Supplies Used

Believe by Zindy (HERE)
“Starfish” (NAME)
“Cherish” by KimB Designs (HERE)
Mask 191 by Insatiable Dreams (HERE)
Penta Jeans
Eye Candy 5: Impact
Eye Candy 5: Bevel

Let's Begin!

Create a canvas 1200 x 1200.

Open the frame, rotate clockwise and then resize by 40%; center.

Duplicate frame, pull slightly to the left, rotate layer by 3.50 (pan is -0.07 and -0.02); duplicate again then flip to position on opposite side.

Merge lower frame layers together and erase excess inside of the upper frame layer.

Open paper 2, resize by and then add to all frame openings.

Open word art “cherish” (not sticker), resize by 55% and add above all layers.

Duplicate word art and go to Effects > 8bf filters > Eye Candy 5 Impact > Brushed Metal > Circular Copper > Random Seed 5239 > OK > OK again.

Add a bevel of your choice after picking a colour from the word art. If you do not pick a colour, it will choose black and make your image too dark.

Open close up 2, do not re-size, give her a blue dress and add her into the raster 4 layer.

Open tab 1, resize by 70% and add under the word art; erase small excess above the writing for the attached look.

Open bow, resize by 50% and add above all frame layers; rotate -16.00 (pan’s first slot: -17.00).

Open cherish wire, mirror, resize by 30% and add above bow; rotate -14.00 (pan’s slots = -0.06 and -0.08).

Open ribbon, resize by 70% and add below the upper frame opening paper; erase right side, duplicate, mirror and merge then sharpen by 2.

Duplicate ribbon, rotate by 8.00 and pan’s first slot of -0.03.

Open flower, resize by 40% and place on higher up on the left, duplicate, mirror and then lower on the right; must hang off of frame layer.

Undo resize; resize again by 25% and add above last flower layers (one above and one below); place two other elsewhere (see tag).

Resize whole design to 1000x1000.

Open paper 3, resize by 25% and apply mask; duplicate until you get the desired look.

Add your choice of tune to the three openings. Add penta jeans and drop the opacity to your liking.

Drop shadow everything to your liking. I have used 6 different settings for mine, depending on the element. Add your own personal touches now.

Crop/resize to your liking then add your name with copyright, Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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