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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Island Life

Supplies Used

Aileen by Jose Cano (HERE)
“Sunday Sunday” (HERE) and “Saltwater” (HERE)
“Ocean Isle” by Melissaz Creationz (HERE)
Mask 8 by Chrissy’s Chaos (HERE)
Eye Candy 4000 Bevel
Penta Colour Dot

Let's Begin!

Create a canvas 900 x 900.

Add MC_PP_OceanIsle_E04, add to canvas and center.

Open MC_PP_OceanIsle_P02 and insert in frame.

Resize MC_PP_OceanIsle_P08 to 900x900 and mask to 850x850; apply the mask to paper, resize to 850 and add below all layers. Manually center the mask.

Open your tube and resize by 800 width; add above all layers.

Add MC_PP_OceanIsle_E45 and add above the frame layer.

Open MC_PP_OceanIsle_E18, resize by 80%; add under tube layer and sharpen by 4 (to give glitter look).

Add MC_PP_OceanIsle_E24, add one to the left (then DS), duplicate and place on the right.

Add MC_PP_OceanIsle_E37 over the plants on the right.

Add MC_PP_OceanIsle_E06 under frame.

Open MC_PP_OceanIsle_E02, re-size by 65% and add below the word art layer. Erase the water and lower tree circle once positioned.

Add MC_PP_OceanIsle_E30 under the tube layer’s legs.

Open MC_PP_OceanIsle_E01, re-size by to 697 widths and add below palm tree layer.

Open MC_PP_OceanIsle_E07, resize by 65% and add at feet of tube.
Add MC_PP_OceanIsle_E20 under the flip flop layer, mirror, and then place near the bongo.

Add MC_PP_OceanIsle_E05 over the guitar, mirror, and then position.

Add MC_PP_OceanIsle_E08 under the plant layer, left-hand side.

Add MC_PP_OceanIsle_E29 above the sand layer, right-hand side.

Add MC_PP_OceanIsle_E09 above the mask, right-hand side. DS, duplicate and then position on the left-hand side.

Add your own personal touches now. Drop shadow with a wide, light shadow.

Crop/resize to your liking then add your name with copyright, Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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