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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

HOW TO: Re-size An Image

Open your program and open the picture that you wish to re-size. I am picking a background that I found on the internet.
In your toolbar, go to Image > Re-size
Once you click "Re-size", the box below will pop up and you'll see a few options for re-sizing.
You can re-size by two different ways, "By Percentage" or "By Absolute Value".

By Percentage:

If you want to change by percentage, simply fill in the "bubble" for "By Percentage", type in the percentage you wish to re-size by and you'll see under "Pixel Size" how much smaller your image will be.

By Absolute Value:

Type in the width size you wish to have the width of you image in. So long as you have "Maintain Aspect Ratio", it will automatically re-size the height evenly.

Without "Maintain Aspect Ratio":

If you un-check "Maintain Aspect Ratio", and you type in the width size you want, it will still automatically re-size your height, but it will not be symmetrical.

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