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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

HOW TO: Use Colour Picker and Gradient Tools

Open your program and go to your tools in your left hand side of your program:
Now, open your colour palate that you will pick your colours from. This is mine:
Place your colour picker on any of the squares and left click once. The colour code will then pop up in your colour wheel box:
Copy this code because, for some reason, it will replace this colour when you do a second colour.

Now, find a second colour you want to use on the palate, left click and your colour shows up in your colour wheel again:
From the drop down menu, change from Primary to Secondary colour. Paste your first colour code in the box called "Hex" on the right hand side of your colour wheel.
Now you'll see your two different colours of choice in the boxes of your colour wheel (on the left hand side). You have learned to use your colour tool
Your next step is your gradient tool.

Open a new canvas. These are my dimensions, because it's as large as the mask I'll be using.
Under your tools, find your gradient tool.
When this pops up, you'll see a slight change in your toolbar. This is where you'll make sure these are correct:
This is your gradient settings. You can change them at any time. However, I am using the "Linear" setting this time.
You have two options for mode of colour. Since I want colour, I want to make sure I get the colours I am using, keep it on "Colour Mode".

Place your cursor at the furthermost upper left hand side corner of your paper and drag it in a downward motion. it will colour your paper with the two colours you used.

It will go from dark to light.
This is what my paper looks like now. I want to use this for a mask for my design. So I will go to Effects > Alpha Mask.
I'll find my mask using the box below.
When you have it, click open and then click ok when the link pops up in the box above.
Now, your gradient colour paper is a mask!

Add a new layer in the your layers box, paint drop white with your bucket, name and save as a *psd and then create your tag!

This is what I came up with.

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