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Sunday, June 15, 2014

HOW TO: Add Optimization Settings to AS3

 Your First Design! 

Open Animation Shop 3 and add your design. Once all layers are added (and animation inserted), go to File and scan down to Optimization Wizard. (As seen below)
The next box will pop up. Make sure both top entries are checked in each section and hit next (below).
This next bow pops up (below). Make sure your box looks like this and then click "Customize".
This box will pop up. Add all the settings you see in the appropriate places for each of the boxes shown below and hit ok.
Now, this box shows that your Optimization settings are being applied to your design before animation. Hit next.
The box below (while not animated here) will show you what your animation will look like once the settings are applied. Hit next.
The box below shows all of your stats. I normally don’t worry about this and just hit finish. Now your optimization settings are added to your design.
Just save your newly animated design under your chosen file name, upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy!

 Subsequent Designs! 

When you design your next design to animate, there will be no need to go through all that you went through for the very first design that you created above.

Simply click on your first frame and then hold shift +z to add the already saved optimization settings to your next design.

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