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Sunday, June 15, 2014

HOW TO: Written Name Tutorial

(Many thanks to my friend, Sherena, who originally created this tutorial) 

NOTE: You will also need Animation Shop for this tutorial.

Open your program and create any size canvas (your choice). I'm using a simple 400x400 for my quick demonstration.

Add a new layer to your canvas and write your chosen name.
Once there, duplicate the layer so that you have TWO name layers. Hide your first layer for later. This is so you have a name to duplicate from.
Next, grab your eraser tool and start erasing the second name layer, as if you were writing your name by hand:
Save this first stop as 1.gif. In this way, you'll know what order to add them in when we go to Animation Shop.

Undo your work (to unflatten), duplicate your full name, move UNDER your last stop, erase a little less than before on your first stop and then repeat the save.

Open Animation Shop and, from the "file" drop down menu select "Animation Wizard".
Hit Next > Next > Next for the next three boxes that pop up. When the fourth box pops up, enter the numbers below:
Your next box will ask for your images. Go to where you saved them and select them all. It will automatically place them in order.
Click next and it will build your animation.

Upload to your Photobucket or Fotki and then add to your widgets!

Here's mine:

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