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Thursday, April 24, 2014


I wrote this tutorial on April 24, 2014 using Paint.Net and for those who have working knowledge of Paint.Net.  Any similarity to another tutorial is purely coincidental. Please do NOT claim as your own. My tutorials are for personal use only. Please do NOT use them for monetary gain. If you would like to post in your group, please be sure to post a link back to my blog.

 Supplies Used 

Tube of choice: “Summer Toon” by Keith Garvey. (Update) You can now purchase this tube HERE. Please do not use without a valid license.
Font of Choice:  “Water Brush” by Rob, which you can get it here. I also used Bell MT for my license tag.
Scrap Kits: (FTU) “By the Sea Side” by Soxsational Scraps, which you can be found here.
Mask: “mask 80” by Designs by Vabys, which can be found here.
Animation “Twinkle” by Missy , which can be found HERE.

 Lets' Begin! 

Create a canvas 800x800.

Open paper 10 and apply your mask. Resize by 85% and add to your canvas, center and then flip white background.

Save in *psd and name “Beachcomber”.

Open frame 2 and position this over your mask. Flip background; add a drop of 6-4-0-9-90. Double this is you want a darken drop.

Open paper 5 and add below your frame layer. Use a small eraser to remove the paper closer to the frame and then a larger one to get the rest. 
Open the cloud and add above your mask layer. Use the rotation above to move it into position and then drop your opacity to 225.

Crop your image now to around 700 x 700. Mine is 707 x 652.

Open your close up first and resize by 40%. Place it in one of the end frames. Drop shadow 6-4-0-3-90. Duplicate and Flip horizontal to place in its’ own frame.

Open your standing tube and place in the middle of your frames. Drop as you did with the close ups.

Open beach WA and resize by 80%. Position this at the bottom of your tube, flip white background and use the rotation settings below. Sharpen by 2 when complete.
Open grass 2 and resize by 50%. Add above your frame layer and move to the right hand side.

Open element 25 and resize by 25% and place under your frame layer, in the left hand window. Flip vertical, drop with the same settings, flip back.

Open grass 1 and resize by 30%. Place this to the left and pull down until the Word Art string covers the bottom. Flip vertical, drop with the same settings, flip back.

Merge both grass layers together.

Open starfish 1 and resize by 50%. Add above grass layer and drop 6-4-0-9-70.

Open shell 5 and resize by 30%. Flip horizontal and then drop shadow with the settings above.

Choose your tied ribbon, rotate to standing and resize by 30%. Add this above the word art on the left hand side.

Open lighthouse 2 and resize by 80%. Add above your cloud layer, pulling to the left so a little of the grass hangs out at the bottom. Erase excess to the left of the frame (but not the grass at the bottom!).

Duplicate your lighthouse and flip horizontal. Position to your liking and erase everything from the middle of the right frame up. This takes off the top of the lighthouse while making the frame look as if it is sitting on the hillside.

 Before the Animation! 

Hide all of your frame layers from the frame paper up to the top. Merge the lighthouse, cloud, mask and white background together. Edit > Select All > Copy. Go to AS3 and add as a new animation.

Duplicate in AS3 until you have 9 layers.

Open your animation and Edit > Select All > Copy.

Return to your design and Edit > Select All > Paste > Into Selected Frame > Position at the base of the lighthouse roof / in the middle of the light rays. (see below)
This is critical! Click on the first animated layer, and then Copy that one frame ONLY! Add this to PDN as “Paste in to New Image”.

Go to EACH frame in AS3 and do the same, only “Paste in to new layer”. DO this until you have #1-9 all saved on top of each other and then save as “beachcomber Animated”.

Return to your static design and hide all from the lighthouse down. Merge top layer to the frame paper layer together.

Copy this and add to your animated design. Flip this horizontal and then back again to straighten out your layers. We’ll call this layer the cover.

This is the time to add your name, resize (if needed) and add your copyright information to it. Make sure to do this ON A SEPARATE LAYER so you do not spoil your cover layer.

Hide all of the lighthouse layers, except 1, and save as “frame 1” in *PNG form.  

Undo your save, hide layer 1, open layer 2, and save again as “frame 2” (in *PNG form again). Do this until you have all layers saved in this way.

In AS3:

File > Animation Wizard > Next > Next > Next > Yes, repeat / 10 > Find and add your images one after the other > Next > Finish.

Click on first frame to get the silver prompt box and scan down to “View Animation”. You’ll see a very crisp and clear image.

Select the first frame and: Edit > Select All > Animation > Frame properties > change to 18. Edit > Select All > Shift+z to apply your optimization settings.

Save once completed and add to Photobucket to enjoy!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring in West Virginia Freebie Kit

Welcome to my latest kit “Spring in West Virginia.” I can’t help myself but the weather is so gorgeous here and it has made me so very happy. Of course, it also has me looking forward to lying in the sun and soaking in some salty air that I just had to add a few nautical elements to it as well!

Without further ado, here is this little lovely, awaiting your attention:

Did you grab my lovely little kit and create a little piece of heaven with it? Email me and I’ll add it to my blog!

If you paid for my kit from a foreign company, they have stolen this kit, which is against my TOUs.

Summer's Waiting

Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Layout and a CT Freebie Kit

Hello fellow bloggers and welcome to a beautiful, brightly shiny day in West Virginia. It has made me so happy just to be alive to see it. That's why I couldn't help myself -- a new layout just popped into my mind. And it didn't help that I was checking out a few friends on BlogSpot here to see their newer wares.

That's how I stumbled across this beautiful full page template by Simplette. The easy lines and smooth flow just made me grab it up and do a little designing of my own. You can obtain the template here.
And, while here, I stopped by to see how my friend Priscilla is doing with her new blog and found that she now has 100 likes on Facebook. Way to go, girl! She has recently changed from being a tagger kit designer to a full size scrapbooking kit designer and she is bumping up the likes. She created this cute kit to celebrate! 

You can now find this freebie HERE.

Without further ado, here are my layouts: