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Monday, December 30, 2013

Repeating Pattern Freebie

Recently, I have finally decided to use my Pixelscrappers account to learn something new. After all, I was always told that a day isn’t a day unless you learn something new. That’s how I came upon learning to do a repeating dot pattern! It was so simple and easy to do; I don’t know why I hadn’t tried it sooner.

What to give your try at it? Sign up for a free account here.

And, if not, I’m sharing my repeating dot pattern! Just right click to save to your computer. Add to your patterns folder in Corel PSP and you’re done!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dark Christmas

Leopard the Teddy Bear Freebie

Isn’t here just so cute? Well, outside of those creepy eyes anyway. LOL I created this by doing a tutorial that I found in my misadventures on the internet. I was extremely surprised by how easy this tutorial was and by the fact that I created this whole thing in Corel PSP!
Hmmm, I’m going to try this one in Pain.net as well, just to see if our sisters-in-design can also benefit from this tutorial.
You can try this tutorial here. Until then, Leopard the Teddy Bear is up for grabs from me. You can get him here. Enjoy!

Sweet Lil' Christmas

Happy Holidays

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wow! A Nice Surprise (Cluster Frame Freebie!)

As most may have noticed, I've been away just a spell attending to every day life. So it was a sweet and wonderful surprise when I opened my email today to find a wonderful FTU cluster frame made with my kit "Christmas in a Girl's World" by Kim L! It blew me away! Not only am I new to the kit making business, but to see it made into its' first cluster frame -- priceless!

Thank you so much, Kim, for such a wonderful surprise. It made my day!

Would you like the cluster frame, too? Stop by Kim's blog by clicking the image below to acquire it!


Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Gifty From My Friend, Priscilla!

You know, when I went to upload my freebie kit in the last post, I was disheartened to find only 2 people downloaded my first freebie kit. LMAO Not that I expected more but that's okay.

Still, my friend Priscilla, of whom I CT for at Cakie Pot Pie Designs, DID download my kit and just sent me the most beautiful tag to match my love of pink! Thank you so much, Pris! I love it.

Friday, July 19, 2013

My First Mask

Today, I decided to take a break from my challenges and my designs in order to play around in my Paint.Net with some brushes. It's really not that hard to use brushes in Paint.Net. Most would think it isn't possible but I found a way to do so. And, since I still can't figure out how to use brushes in Corel PSP, Paint.Net seemed the more likely choice for me.

This is what I came up with, in order to form a mask for a tutorial I've been working on:

Just right click the image and save to your computer. I'd love to see what you can make from this. if you use my mask.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Scrap It Simple Cluster Frame FREEBIE

I just got this great little mini kit from my friend Priscilla at CakiePotPieDesigns. It's her part of a contribution to the Wilam4Ever "Scrap It Simple" blog train, which you'll find here. Priscilla's blog train preview is listed below and can be found here.

With this wonderful kit, I was able to create a cluster frame to give to you today for FREE! Here's a preview of what you can expect: