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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Blog Train: Scraps N Stuff's "Peach Loves Gold"

Welcome to the newest CafeMom Group, Scraps N Stuff's, blog train, called "Peach Loves Gold". Our kits, clusters or freebies were to be based on the colour scheme below:
This was perfect for me, as I love romance as much as I love pink! :-) I feel that I have captured my ideology on the topic in my kit so I hope that you enjoy it as much as I loved making it.

Blog Train is now over.

Here are the rest of the stops on this tour of love!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Repeating Pattern Freebie

Recently, I have finally decided to use my Pixelscrappers account to learn something new. After all, I was always told that a day isn’t a day unless you learn something new. That’s how I came upon learning to do a repeating dot pattern! It was so simple and easy to do; I don’t know why I hadn’t tried it sooner.

What to give your try at it? Sign up for a free account here.

And, if not, I’m sharing my repeating dot pattern! Just right click to save to your computer. Add to your patterns folder in Corel PSP and you’re done!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dark Christmas

Leopard the Teddy Bear Freebie

Isn’t here just so cute? Well, outside of those creepy eyes anyway. LOL I created this by doing a tutorial that I found in my misadventures on the internet. I was extremely surprised by how easy this tutorial was and by the fact that I created this whole thing in Corel PSP!
Hmmm, I’m going to try this one in Pain.net as well, just to see if our sisters-in-design can also benefit from this tutorial.
You can try this tutorial here. Until then, Leopard the Teddy Bear is up for grabs from me. You can get him here. Enjoy!

Poison's Sweet Lil Christmas

Happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Changing Leaves Freebie Kit

Well, everyone, I decided to try my hand at kit making yet again. I'm still learning but I hope that I'm not doing too poorly. LOL

My latest kit is called "Changing Leaves" and it started out back in November when the leaves here were changing their colours. It just took me a bit to find papers and such to complete what I had envisioned. I'm now quite satisfied with it and hope someone out there can find a use for it. LOL

I love the colours of fall -- the browns and oranges and darker greens -- so I tried in incorporate these into the kit. With a splash of colour and a little rust, it makes for a perfect addition to any old photos!

Please do not use for anything but Personal Use. If you decide to make anything from it, and wish to have your tag showcased on my blog, please email me your design and blog URL.

Cano On Sleepy Wings

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Template by KF Designs & a new LO

I couldn't help myself but create a new LO! With the holidays and my family getting together, I got a really great photograph of my sister-in law and her family. What makes this photo so special is that they don't all normally smile at the same time. LOL With four kids, something always goes wrong at photo time. LOL

I used a freebie Layout Template by KF Designs, which you can find hereTo complete my look, I'm using a scrap kit by JCM Designs, part of the Scraps N Pieces November blog train, which you can find here.

 Here's my LO

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lacarolita's Sweet Heart

Another Layout Using An Old Favourite

I know that some of us have been in the scrapping game for a while and have searched the web far and wide to find those perfect kits for those perfect designs. Ever wonder if they are still around today?

This is my dilemma. Ever since I got that first link to freebie kits, I have been online, seeking, hunting and searching for those one of a kind kits that really make my designs -- both tagging and scrapping -- pop! And I have kits that take me back to 2008, when I started this ball rolling and so I had decided that I will open them up and see if they are still around.

Oops, not many, it seems. So sad to see how many scrap kit makers are no longer around, either by choice or happenstance. But, it just so happens that some blogs are still up and running, even if the designers have left for other endeavours. Which led me to Scrap Angie and her Christmas bells. LOL Because of that, I found a really cute template on her blog that worked well with an old photo I had of my son, Philip.

Here's my latest LO:

So cute! It seemed unfinished to me, at first, but then it dawned on me that it was just perfect so long as my blue eyed angel is in it! LOL

Would you like to try this template? You can find it here on her blog.

And what about this kit? Isn't it just perfect for the photo? Maybe you have a photo just like this and want to use the same kit. You can find that over at this blog. It's called "Storyteller" by Persnickety Prints. Look to the right hand side for your download!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wow! A Nice Surprise (Cluster Frame Freebie!)

As most may have noticed, I've been away just a spell attending to every day life. So it was a sweet and wonderful surprise when I opened my email today to find a wonderful FTU cluster frame made with my kit "Christmas in a Girl's World" by Kim L! It blew me away! Not only am I new to the kit making business, but to see it made into its' first cluster frame -- priceless!

Thank you so much, Kim, for such a wonderful surprise. It made my day!

Would you like the cluster frame, too? Stop by Kim's blog by clicking the image below to acquire it!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Template and Kit Layout

Hello Blog-o-sphere! Pinky here, coming at you with another daily dose of cuteness.

I couldn't help myself! My friend, Prissy, over at Cake Pot Pie Designs, has just placed up some really cool FTU items that I just had to snag so I can show you how cute these little buggers can be!

I used her Layout Template Pack, template 2 (which you can find here) and her extremely cute kit "Anna" (which you can find here) to create a little memorial to the little boy my teenager once was. LOL Yeah, they grow up and act all hardcore on us, I know. But I guess that hug he gave me last night just proved he's still Momma's boy and so it took me back to sweet memories of fun times with my blue eyed angel baby!

Here's my LO

I'm pretty darned proud of myself! While this isn't my first LO, it is my first "professional" LO. LOL The blues and browns in this kit just matched his eyes and hair colour. I couldn't resist finding these old pictures to gussy up. This is definitely worth trying again. Time to search the web! LOL

Did you do something wonderful with this kit? Let us know and you could be showcased as well!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Gifty From My Friend, Priscilla!

You know, when I went to upload my freebie kit in the last post, I was disheartened to find only 2 people downloaded my first freebie kit. LMAO Not that I expected more but that's okay.

Still, my friend Priscilla, of whom I CT for at Cakie Pot Pie Designs, DID download my kit and just sent me the most beautiful tag to match my love of pink! Thank you so much, Pris! I love it.

Scraps N Stuff's First Ever Blog Train!

Welcome to the CafeMom Group, Scraps N Stuff's, first ever blog train, called "Christmas in a Girl's World". Our kits, clusters or freebies were to be based on the colour scheme below:
This was perfect for me, as I love pink! :-) As if anyone who doesn't frequent my blog or know me from CafeMom know that.

Although the blog train isn't taking off until November 15th, I'm adding my freebie now because things are getting pretty intense with my College courses since we are so close to the end of our session.

My kit means a whole lot to me. When I thought on this topic, all I could think about was my Christmases growing up. And it was full of lights around every doorway, window, porches and porch railings in our two story house in Baltimore City.

There was a wooden platform at the bottom of our stairs that was created by my father and grandfather for the glory of all to behold. Not only was this platform wooden, they had drilled holes into certain areas and used those huge outdoor bulbs that no one sees anymore. You know, the ones with the wires covered in cloth! Yeah, not safe anymore. LOL And over those, they had these snap together houses so that the houses glowed with whatever colour bulb was there.

That wasn't all, ladies and gentlemen! They had used black electrical tape to make roads between all of the houses and had a Lionel train  that weaved in and out of the "neighborhoods" all around. *smile* It was freaking awesome!

BUT, the best part was always last. Right smack dab in the middle of the platform was what every household in Baltimore pretty much had when I was growing up -- a Pom Pom aluminum Christmas tree! We didn't have the colour wheel, but that didn't matter. That tree had so much tinsel, wrapping, ornaments and the such that it glowed all it's own!

The Christmas music flowed on the 33 1/3--vinyl to your young ones--and on an old console stereo system. Remember those, folks! If not, here's a photo similar to the one my daddy had:

As my father sang every note and hung tinsel and ornaments and placed all the tabletop decorations he could find, we kids would follow behind him and just, for once, be happy that he was happy. I STILL have a love of Christmas past and only wish I could replicate it today.

Without further ado, this is my freebie kit. It comes with 25 elements and 5 papers for you to enjoy.

Blog Train is now over.



Did you create a tag with this kit? Send me a note and your design may appear on my blog!